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Fashy established its Business centre in Münchingen in 1986.
Company founder Friedrich Kraus was one of the pioneers who turned their entrepreneurial visions
into reality after the currency reform of 1948: realising that plastics would revolutionise
the world of consumer goods, he set up a wholesale business dealing in rubber and plastic products in Stuttgart.
Today – some 60 years later – Fashy is a medium-sized company with a European and international
focus and a leading supplier of hot-water bottles.

Shown here are 3 Sesame Street hot water bottle holders.

Bert Cookie Monster
Fashy Hot Water Bottle Holder Bert Fashy Hot Water Bottle Holder Cookie Monster
Ernie Each bottle holder is about 22 inches in lenth.

There are no known model numbers.

Fashy Hot Water Bottle Holder Ernie

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