Nanco Sweetheart Elmo

The table to the right shows
the model numbers and sizes
for Elmo .

We do not know if there are
seperate model numbers for each doll.

We are assuming that each of the Elmo's
is available in the sizes shown.

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Model #
ST1-024 8.5"
ST2-024 10"
ST3-024 12"
ST4-024 15"
ST5-024 17"
ST6-024 22"
ST7-024 31"
ST8-024 35"
ST9-024 45"

There are no model numbers on the tush tags or hand tags of the Nanco plush.

Please note that due to the manufacturing differences many of the Nanco plush vary slightly from the above mentioned sizes.

10" - 12"
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