Oct 25th,2005

Elmo Knows Your Name is out and available at some stores. We found him at Linens 'n'Things. Thanks to Susan for the info. Elmo can be programed to remember a large number of information including name, birthday and much more. He retails for about $40.00

Oct 7th,2005

Build A Bear Cookie Monster is released.

Sept. 11th,2005

Build A Bear will have a Cookie Monster available starting Friday October 7th 2005.
This will be one year since Elmo was introduced.

UPDATE--Build a Bear stores will retire Elmo as each store sells out, that will be all that is available.

Sept. 10th,2005

Gemmy, the company who makes the air inflatable Sesame Street lawn decorations has come out with a new Elmo. "Present Lovin' Elmo" is about 11 inches high and is animated. Elmo moves his mouth and arms as he sings and wishes you a happy birthday.

July 28th,2005

Build A Bear stores announce that Elmo will be retired soon. No specific date is known at this time.

June 11th,2005

Shout! Elmo is now available, we found him at Wal Mart. Check your local stores.
More Info Here

March 7th,2005

Nanco has a new line of plush available. Close to My heart Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. And Chef Cookie Monster and Super Grover. All are available in multiple sizes. Check out your local crane games and arcades.

Photo taken from the Nanco Web Site.

Feb 19th 2005

Toy Fair begins tomorrow and runs this week in New York. We hope to learn more about new Elmo stuff. Elmoandfriends hopes to have the info available at the end of the week.

Here's some info on one new plush Elmo.

A new He knows your name Elmo is due to be released this year. This new doll can know your name, birthday and other favorite details by way of a cable and cd rom. Not sure of a release date yet but Elmo should sell for about $40.00

Vee entertainment, the company who brings us Sesame Street Live has a new "Sesame Street Live 25th Anniversay Elmo"
Details and pics coming soon.

A new company is now making the Sega Prize a.k.a UFO Catcher plush in Japan. The company is Omron Entertainment. More details soon.

Jan 23rd 2005

The LONG awaited Applause section is finally uploaded.

Jan 8th 2005

Our store in now open.

Jan 5th 2005

New Mini Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie Hokey Pokey are out.
Pics Here.

Jan 5th 2005

Check Up Time Elmo is out.
Pics Here

Jan 1st 2005

Bilingual Elmo is out. Pics Here
Very much like Sunny Days Elmo but with different cloths.

Sunday December 12th, 2004

A different version of "Jumbo Tickle Me Elmo is found.
Click here for the the info.

Sunday Nov 28th, 2004

Lots of new plush are out for the holiday season. More info coming soon.

12 Days of Christmas Elmo

Holiday Plush

Check this Elmo out in the Fisher-Price section.

Sunday Nov 14th, 2004

Plush Elmo, Cookie Monster, Zoe, and Big Bird pillows available.

These can be found at Claire's. Claire's is a jewlery style store found at many malls across the US. They have alot of Sesame Street stuff.

Friday Oct 8th, 2004

Build A Bear Elmo is here. See our photos.

Monday September 13th, 2004

Build A Bear announces that Friday Oct 8th is the arrival day for Build A Bear Elmo.

September 12th, 2004

New Plush Elmo and Cookie Monster.

Found them at KB Toys. These plush are not currently listed on the KB Toys web site but are available at some stores.
We found them at one store and check another but the second didn't have them or know anything about any new ones. Pictures are located here.

September 1st, 2004 plan to open online store in 2005 featuring Sesame Street.

August 15th 2004

New "Super Plush" Sesame Place Exclusives and Puppets are now available.

Sesame Place has just released 5 new Super Plush dolls featuring, Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster and Zoe.

Also just released are 5 new puppets also featuring Elmo,Big Bird, Grover, Cookie Monster and Zoe.

These plush are awesome. Super quality.

Pictures are in the Sesame Place Section


We have confimed that there will be a Super Plush Count and Snuffy available in 2005. These will be like the new Super Plush just released at Sesame Place.

August 14th 2004

Splash & Scribble Elmo is out.

July 24th 2004

Potty Elmo is out.

July 17th 2004

Check out Carlton Cards Store for Elmo Christmas Ornament.
This one is new for 2004.

July 15,2004

Build a Bear a.k.a. Create your own Elmo has been delayed.

Photo from Build A

July 14,2004

Splash & Scribble Elmo available in Austraila. US release soon.
In box pics here.

July 8th 2004

The Build a Bear stores will be having an Elmo available July 23rd. Thanks to ElmoLovesKaitlyn for the info.

July 8th 2004

We just found two new plush by PIL Books.
Elmo and Cookie Monster come in sets with a book. Great for the kids to help them learn to read.
See more info and the pics here.

July 5th, 2004

For the serious doll collector Madame Alexander is releasing Special Edition dolls with Sesame Street.
Madame Alexander Press Release

July 3rd 2004

E-L-M-O is out.

Toys R Us and Wal-Mart have him.
Check out our pics

June 29th 2004

We have learned that it is possible we will see large size (about 3 feet) Snuffy and The Count in 2005. It has not been confirmed if these will be available to the public as regular sale items or through Nanco as game prizes only.
Either way will have them and the pics as soon as they become available.
June 18th.2004

Release dates for Y-M-C-A aka E-L-M-O is July 20th 2004
Potty Elmo is September 25th 2004.

Thanks Little Red Monster.

March 1,2004

We have just learned that as of Feb 29th 2004 Sony Creative Products will no longer be making Sesame Street plush in Japan. The partnership between Sony Creative Products and Sesame Street has ended.

Feb 21st

Check out Target! Happy Ears Elmo has arrived for Easter.
Also available for Easter are Mini Magnet, Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie.

Feb 17th.

Disney to the Muppets from Jim Henson Company. The deal includes all Muppets assets, including the Kermit, Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and Animal characters, the Muppets films and television library. The deal doesn't include the "Sesame Street" characters, such as Cookie Monster and Elmo, which are separately owned by Sesame Workshop.

Feb 16th
Toy Fair is going on this week in New York City. We just found out about 2 new Elmos to be released this year by Fisher-Price.
Both are scheduled to be released in July. Keep checking the stores soon as we have seen stuff show up early, as well as un announced plush dolls.

E-L-M-O that's Elmo doing his version of the Village People's Y.M.C.A.

Potty Elmo, Elmo is going to help kids with potty training.

Both items are recommended for 18+ months.
Feb 1, 2004

Fisher Price Page has some new updates.

Jan 12,2004
For the third year in a row the Jeff Gordon Fondation inconjunction with Sesame Street will have a car painted with the Sesame Street theme. This is the 3rd year of a three year deal. This year Big Bird will be the main character with Sesame Street's 35th anniversary being noted on the car. We have heard rumors that unlike past years this years car may actually be used in some Nascar races.

Pictures of the 2002 and 2003 cars are located at the bottom of the news page.

Jan 11th 2004
Three new plush available.
Mini Chicken Dance--Elmo, Cookie Monster and Ernie.

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