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Creata is a company with worldwide offices that produces products such as McDonals Happy Meal premiums and many other items.

Creata is the same company that produced the Kelloggs mini beanie set made in 1999.

This set of 24 mini-beanies was supplied to Coles Myer Ltd by Track Star Collecables. These were only available in Australia. This set was produced for Sesame Street's 35th Anniversary.

There are no know model numbers for the beanies although each hand tag has a number followed by the doll name. Each mini beanie is about 4 inches tall.
The list here shows the plush in the numberic order.
There is a wall hanging display for the set shown below.

A specail thanks to Celia L. for her help with the pics for this page.

The 24 Mini-Beanies


Baby Bear


Creata Elmo
Creata Baby Bear
Big Bird




Creata Big Bird
Creata Snuffy


Bety Lou


Creata Bert
Creata Betty Lou
Cookie Monster


Benny Rabbit


Creata Cookie Monster
Creata Benny Rabbit


Guy Smiley


Creata Oscar
Creata Guy Smiley
Count Von Count


Sherlock Hemlock


Creata Count Von Count
Pic Not Available




Pic Not Available
Pic Not Available




Creata Zoe
Pic Not Available
Twiddle Bug


Telly Monster


Pic Not Available
Pic Not Available




Pic Not Available
Creata Honker


Herry Monster


Pic Not Available
Pic Not Available
Rubber Duckie




Pic Not Available
Creata Ernie

Creata set in Wall Hanger

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