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Sony Creative Products

Sony Creative Products made Sesame Street plush dolls that were available in Japan.
They are "NOT FOR SALE" and can only be won in what are called UFO Catcher games.
For those in the US these UFO catcher games are similar to the crane games found in arcades and at the entry/exit of many department stores.

There are literly hundreds of dolls produced by Sony Creative for Sesame Street. Most are dressed in costume.

As of March 1, 2004 Sony Creative Products will no longer be making Sesame Steet plush. The partnership between Sony and Sesame Street has ended.

Special thanks to Angela a.k.a yagibaba for use of many of the photos in this section (noted by the yagibaba watermark).
Angela sells many Sesame Street and other rare UFO plush from Japan.
You can check out yagibaba's ebay page here.

Also special thanks to Mark R. for use of his pics.

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