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Toss & Tickle Me Elmo

Model # 33070

Tyco Preschool - Toss and Tickle Me Elmo
Year made: 1997.
Height: 19 inches.
What doll says: (Squeeze him:) That tickles! Oh wow! That tickles!
Toss Elmo! (When you toss him, he yells:) Whee! Wowee! Oh Wow! Higher!
Bounce Elmo! (When you bounce him, he yells:) Bouncy, Bouncy!
Notes: Toss and Tickle Me Elmos wear blue and yellow shirts attached by Velcro in the back. Since the shirts are removable, the Elmos are often found without them. They are big, heavy dolls compared to the smaller Tickle Me Elmo dolls.


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