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Tyco Preschool, a division of Mattel, made Sesame Street plush dolls from about 1995-2000. After that time, Fisher-Price, also a division of Mattel, began making the dolls. This change from Tyco to Fisher-Price can be most noticably seen in the "Pal of the Month" Assortment or "series." In this Assortment, one doll was released for each month of the year. The first 3 months -- January, February, and March -- were made by Tyco. The rest of the year's dolls, April through December, were made by Fisher-Price.

In the list below are only plush made by Tyco. Fisher-Price dolls have their own section on our web site. The plush dolls are listed below in numerical order according to the Assortment Number (Asst. #) on their tush tags. If there is no Asst. #, we used Model #. (See "Definitions" at right for a further explanation.) A cross-referenced/alphabetical listing will be posted sometime in the near future.






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