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Sesame Street Plush News ----2007

Dec 29th 2007.

The Unlicensed Products Page has been updated.

Nov 18th 2007.

The Fisher-Price Page has been updated.

Nov 13th 2007.

T.M.X. Elmo Extra Special Edition released.

Click Here for more info.

Nov 4th 2007.

We have just learned that a "Extra Special Edition" TMX Elmo will be released in November 2007. various sources have different release dates stated, so an exact release date is unknown.

Model # M2688

July. 20th 2007.

The Gund Abby Cadabby is now available from Gund dealers.

Lots of new Fisher-Price plush out so far this year including Abby Cadabby, Chatters Elmo & Cookie Monster,
Stretch Elmo and Singing Pizza Elmo.

More detailed info coming soon.

Singing Pizza Elmo is currentlly available check your local stores.

T.M.X. Cookie Monster & Ernie will be available on Tuesday Sept. 11th.
They can be pre-ordered at the Target web site.

Thanks to a Elmo lover for the info.

Feb. 20th 2007.

The first pics of the new TMX Friends, Cookie Monster & Ernie are here.

Feb. 14th 2007.

T.M.X. Elmo has been named Infant/Preschool toy of the year at this years annual T.O.T.Y. (Toy of the Year) awards.

Feb. 11th 2007.

News from Toy Fair 2007.

A new Elmo singing while holding a pizza.

TMX™ Cookie Monster & Ernie.

"the movement and squeals will grow more pronounced with two successive tickles"

They will be slightly smaller than Elmo and retail for $29.99 & are scheduled for release in October.

These will be marketed under TMX Friends Line.

From a Mattel (Fisher-Price) Press Release:

"T.M.X." Friends" "T.M.X." Elmo has proved that laughter is contagious. Now, Elmo's Friends from Sesame Street, Ernie and Cookie Monster join in on the fun as "T.M.X." Friends, the new plush dolls that put their own spin on the exciting action of the original "T.M.X." Elmo. Ernie giggles and laughs as he kicks his legs in such great gales of laughter that he spins in a complete 360-degree circle, and then gets back up. Cookie Monster giggles and laughs so much, he rolls from side to side before he finally gets back up.

The Gund Page has been updated.

Feb. 2nd 2007.

The Tyco Preschool Page has been completely revised and updated.

Jan 26th 2007.

The Fisher-Price Page has been updated with more newly found plush including a new release available only at Target.

Jan 9th 2007.

We have just learned that Gund will be making a Abby Cadabby doll that will be available in the first half of 2007. An exact release date has not been set.

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