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Sesame Street Plush News ----2009

Dec. 8th, 2009.

Hasbro wins new contract to make Sesame Street toys starting in 2011.
Thanks to our friends at Muppet Wiki for the scoop.

The official press release from Hasbro.

Sept 20th, 2009.

New plush found today.

Fisher-Price Elmo Live Encore Model # N4673.

Fisher Price Elmo Live Encore - Model # N4673

Elmo was found at Toys R Us.

New Fisher Price plush assortment # P7870. Celebrating 40 Years of Sesame Street. Eight dolls found in the assortment.
Each doll is about 10 inches tall.

Fisher Price Assortment #P7870

This assortment was found at Target. It took 3 Targets to find
all the dolls in the assortment, here is what we found and the number
of each doll at each store.

Target # 1 we found Elmo (4),Abby (1),Grover (2), & Count (1).
Target # 2 we found Elmo (3) ,Cookie Monster (1),Ernie (1),Honker (1) & Count (1).
Target # 3 we found Oscar (1), Elmo (2), Abby (1), & Count (1)

March 22nd, 2009.

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Feb 26th, 2009.

The Nanco Page has been updated.

Feb 24th, 2009.

The Links Page has been updated.

Feb 23rd, 2009.

A minor update to the Jay-Gur/ Gurman Page today with information on the company.

Feb 22nd, 2009.

More updates to the Fisher-Price Page

The updates include the new Classic Collection dolls Assortment #N4667 and

An update to the Classic Puppet Collection Assortment #P3557. and More.

Feb 16th, 2009.

Toy Fair the toy industries major toy showcase is going on this
week in New York City.

Our sources tell us that there will be no major new Elmo
doll released or displayed at the show.

The newest Elmo item is a pair of hands that are like gloves that
will fit on a kids hands. The gloves start working when Elmo's nose is pushed.
Also when touching an object with the hands they vibrate and Elmo will talk and giggle.
There are motion sensors in the gloves. The gloves will include a DVD with a new Elmo
dance that the hands can recognize. The retail should be in the $30.00 range.

Fisher Price 2009 Elmo Tickle Hands - elmoandfriends.com

That does not mean that there won't be any new Elmo dolls this year.
As we know many dolls are released without any information coming
from Fisher-Price or Mattel. So keep checking the stores.

Feb 9th, 2009.

The Fisher Price Page has been
updated with lots of new monsters including the newest
Many Hugs Elmo and new easier navigation links have been added.

Also check out Assortment #93131 in the
Fisher Price section as we discovered what we believe to
be unreleased prototypes.

It's been a long time in getting the site updated so we
have lots of stuff to add. Hopefully we can get more
updates sooner and on a more consistant basis in 2009.

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