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Sesame Street Plush News ----2010

August 15th, 2010.

This being Fisher-Price's last year producing Sesame Street toys, as next year Hasbro will regain the license, it has been as expected a very slow year for Sesame Street plush.

Fisher-Price has re-released several dolls in new packaging.
The dolls appear to be exactly the same as the original releases. Only the packaging & tushtags have changed.
The re-released dolls tush tags still have the same model & or assortment numbers on them but have updated
release dates of 2010.

Here are the pics in boxes of the re-released dolls we have found so far.

Assortment # 93671
Model # 93675
Originally released in 2000.
Chicken Dance
Model # 90648
Originally released in 2001.
Fisher-Price In Box Pic of the Re-Release of Baby Elmo Fisher-Price In Box Pic of the Re-Release of Chicken Dance Elmo
Hokey Pokey
Model # B6678
Originally released in 2003.
T.M.X. Elmo
Model # H9207
Originally released in 2006.
Fisher-Price In Box Pic of the Re-Release of Hokey Pokey Elmo Fisher-Price In Box Pic of the Re-Release of T.M.X. Elmo

Jan 23rd, 2010.

New plush Elmo Loves You found at Target.

Fisher-Price Elmo Loves You H2768

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